2 Hours
Kilkenny City


Join us on an exciting Segway Tour of Kilkenny city. First we'll get you all trained up and using the Segways in a secure and controlled training location. Don't worry they are very easy to use, you'll be gliding around in no time. Then when you are feeling comfortable to start the tour, we will embark on a glorious fun filled adventure, packed with stories of ancient medieval times and historical tales throughout a thousand years of Irelands past.
We'll visit Medieval Castles & Watch Towers, 13th Century Cathedrals & Gardens, Ancient Abbeys & Breweries, 17th Century Toll Houses & Museums, Restored Courthouses & Jails and much much more!

You'll get to experience the best that Kilkenny has to offer; Historic Attractions, A Unique & Easy Way to Travel, Insightful Stories on the locations, Irish People & Culture, Lots of Variety in 2 hours, & most importantly Lots of Fun & Excitement.


IMPORTANT Please view the rider requirements and restrictions on our FAQ page before you book the tour.


 John Street Upper Kilkenny - Map View


Morning: 10:00 AM

Afternoon: 2:00 PM

Monday - Sunday


Maximum group size: 5

Please contact us if you have a group larger than 5 so that we can try to accommodate you.

ARRIVAL TIME Please Arrive at Least 20 mins Before the Tour Starts.

Professional Tour Guide

Training & Safety Gear


Entrance Fees to Paid Locations


Comfortable, closed shoes are preferable to sandals and high heels in order to get the most enjoyable Segway experience out of your tour.

You may encounter wind and/or rain in Kilkenny from time to time. Please come prepared, we aim to run our tours in such conditions. If it starts to rain during the tour you will be provided with ponchos


Meet your tour guide at the training location. (Pre-Book to Avoid Disapointment)

Take the required training.

Enjoy the tour of KIlkenny.

Arrive back to the training location





Training Location

Watch a training video and then take the live training in a controlled and safe environment. We work at relaxed training pace and start the tour when you feel comfortable to begin.


Kytlers Inn

See the Medieval Inn named after the Great Dame Alice Kyteler, and hear the story of how she was the first woman in Europe to be accused of witchcraft.


Canal walk

Take a spin along the picturesque canal walk. See the beautiful sights along the river nore, hear the story of how it got it's name and the history of the surrounding buildings and the famous Kilkeny people who frequented them.


Kilkenny Castle

See the Medieval Castle and Learn to its history and the Anglo-Norman Family who lived there for over 600 years.


Butler House


Mayors Walk


Shee Alms House

See the Shee Aims House built in the 1500's, and learn of it's occupants and history as we move further into the city on our tour.


Medieval Mile Museum

See a 13th century church and graveyard with its heritage of medieval and renaissance style tombs of national historical significance. Hear the story that surrounds its past.


The Thosel

See the Thosel building built in the 1700's and learn of it's role within the history of the city.


Hole in The wall (Tavern)

Hear of the story of this great tavern and how it got its name throughout the ages.


St. Marys Cathedral

See what is the highest landmark in Kilkenny and hear a brief overview of its history.


Graces Castle

See the Medieval Graces Castle (Now Kilkenny Courthouse) & hear of the great stories of Kilkenny & Ireland, and and how the people were impacted throughout the 1800's.


Smithwicks Brewery

See where the great John Smithwick brewed Smithwicks Ale in Kilkenny and learn of it's great history in becoming a world wide brand name.


Rothe House & Gardens

See the only renaissance style townhouse left in Ireland, Rothe House. Learn of it's owners and the history behind the house.


The Black Abbey

See The Medieval Black Abbey and hear the story of the monks who ran it. This building also has the largest Stained Glass window on any building in Ireland.


Black Freren Gate


St. Canices Cathedral

See the second oldest Cathedral in Ireland which dates back to the 1200's and a round tower that was built between the 700's to the 1000's. Learn of its history and its links to the origin of the name Kilkenny.


St Francis Abbey

See where the monks originally started to brew ale in the 1300's and learn of how the Smithwick Family grew their Brewing company into a worldwide brand that was finally bought out by the Guinness Group.


St. Johns Quay

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 4 reviews
April 20, 2019

Great tour, fun and interesting. I went on this tour around Kilkenny City. I would really recommend it as it’s both fun and interesting. The segway’s were all new and safety gear and instructions were very carefully given by our tour guide Michael. It’s a great way to find all the hidden gems of Kilkenny City and also learning about the history as trying to find them on foot would take quite some time.

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May 11, 2019

The Segway tour is a great way to see kilkenny's tourist attractions within a small group. Michael was a great guide, he was personal and had a laugh with us as well as giving us insight to all the history of Kilkenny. At first we were nervous going on the segways as we has never done it before but Michael went through it all with us before we hit the streets of Kilkenny. On the training grounds we had time to practice at our own pace and get comfortable on the segways on flat ground, also going over rough terrain. It is definitely an experience I will remember. At the end of the tour Michael also recommended the Hungry Moose for food, it was delicious. If you are going to Kilkenny, you should definitely book in to do a Segway tour with Michael. Michael puts his all into making his customers enjoy Kilkenny.

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June 07, 2019

A great tour! Truly a highlight of our trip! We had a great time and everything was just perfect. You won’t regret this!!

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June 07, 2019

Amazing tour! Had an amazing tour with Michael through Kilkenny! Michael was friendly, knowledgeable, and so interesting! We learned so much about the history of Kilkenny in an exciting way. This wonderful tour showed us all of the main sights in Kilkenny in 2 hours- would have taken us days to see it by foot. Michael encouraged us to ask questions, make stops when we saw something we were interested in, and to have fun! 10/10 would recommend. I went with my mom and we had a total blast! Thank you Michael!!!!

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